Latest Company News

Expanding rapidly over the last 5 years with in excess of double digit growth year on year over the period, Broadway (Bristol) Engineering‘s expertise lies in the manufacture of 'current and aftermarket' products which cater for both production items and bespoke requirements. Being customer driven, they offer impressive turnaround times and have a proven track record with their customers testimonials verifying them meeting the tightest of deadlines.

The two recent acquisitions expanding into the Midlands area which has enabled them to extend their capability further into the manufacture of larger components. These acquisitions will also increase their overall business capacity whilst adding additional special processes to their portfolio allowing them to keep control of all aspects of the process providing quicker response times for their customers.

Broadway, recent key highlights:
· Additional 5 axis DMU 50 evo linear - Aug 2013
· P&S Tools Acquisition - June 2013
· 5 Year LTA with Bombardier Aerospace - Jan 2013
· Factory Extension - Dec 2012
· J.S Cantrills Acquisition - Dec 2012
· Additional x4 CNC 4 axis machines - Nov 2012
· 10 Year LTA with RR - Oct 2012
· Furnace Purchases - June 2012
· Office extension - Jan 2012